Boat rules

To ensure your yachts and your own best interest we invite you to read and follow some simple rules.

No roller and hard luggage



As the yachts main surfaces are with soft wood the rollers tend to destroy or scar it. On top of that, if your luggage is not soft bags we will have no place to store them! Space even in bigger yachts is limited, please respect.



No high heels or non sailing shoes on board.


Inappropriate shoes can damage the yacht and your own feet. As the deck comes with plastic and wooden curves, it is possible that you might slip while wearing street shoes. Please make sure you bring with you proper sailing shoes. While moored, in front of the pontoon there will always be a basket with your off board shoes in. 


 No alcohol while sailing


Sailing comes with great joy but sometimes with hard conditions also. Alcohol is not allowed before or during sailing for your own safety. Please do not bring the crew in an uncomfortable position. After the boat is safely moored, you may enjoy as much alcohol as you wish provided you behave. The crew is not responsible for your safety in such a case nor has to clean after your mess. Drink responsibly and enjoy life onboard!


Keep common areas tidy


Sailors say what can fall will fall and what can break will break! For safety reason always make sure common areas such as the galley, the kitchen and the cockpit are always clear off things flying around. Please keep your personal things close to you. 

                   No littering


The ''MYWAY'' project crew invites you to support the worldwide effort for cleaner seas and coasts. Please make sure no plastic bags, cigarette filters or anything else non biodegredable that can litter our seas will end up in the sea.

                      Stop working!


For your own best interest we would invited you to leave behind any devices that connect you to work, daily routine or every day problems!

Enjoy the opportunity to sail and set yourself free!