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canary isl

Cape Verde



The prices include the yacht, crew of two, breakfast and lunch. Accommodates up to six guests in three cabins. The master cabin comes with a double bed whereas the two aft cabins can be transformed to two single beds each or two king size beds. 

Extras to be taken into consideration : Your flights, fuel, port or marina fees or channel fees (if any) of your trip. 

7 days

Seven days are recommended to those who need a small break or want to sail for the first time. (1.250,00 € p.person/week)



7.500,00 €

10 days

Ten days usually work best for those who want something not too much nor too less. (1.124,90 €  p.person/week)


10.714,00 € 

9.642,00 €

14 days

Long passages or wish to make the most out of it? Forteen days is your time then. (1.062,50 €  p.person/week)


15.000,00 € 

12.750,00 €

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