Sailing destinations 2020

In 2019, we sailed from the Canary Islands to Greece!

2020, may - oCTOBER


  "my way" is on dry dock for some rest and maintenance during winter. In between, we will be travelling and meeting you and our partners in the best B2B and B2C expos preparing for 2020 season. 

2020 summer, we dedicate to the unknown Greece. Amazing waters, excellent cuisine and thousands of years of history will travel us to different eras. The mythical Greek waters await!

     Talk to us about your dates and let's make a tailored itinerary for you only. For our itinerary, we choose check-in and out spots most of which offer international airports and budget-friendly airlines.

You are unique, so should your vacation be!


The prices include the yacht, crew of two, breakfast and lunch, soft beverages (no alcohol), snacks, the end cleaning fee, linen and towels (one set per person per week). Accommodates up to four guests in two ensuite cabins. The master cabin comes with a double bed whereas the aft cabin can be transformed to two single beds  or a king size bed. 


Extras to be taken into consideration : Your flights, fuel, port or marina fees or channel fees and transit logs, tourist taxes (if any) of your trip. 


Please note: There is no service on check-in and check-out dates (no lunch or breakfast). Every evening the boat will be safely moored in a marina and therefore your dinner is always easy to approach.

7 days

Seven days are recommended to those who need a small break or want to sail for the first time. (1.450,00 € p.person/week)


7.600,00 € 

5.800,00 €

10 days

Ten days usually work best for those who want something not too much nor too less. (1.449,87 €  p.person/week)


10.714,00 € 

8.285,00 €

14 days

Long passages or wish to make the most out of it? Forteen days is your time then. (1.413,75 €  p.person/week)


15.000,00 € 

11.310,00 €

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