The Crew

They are professionals, they are the best at what they do and they are fun! They are your crew and they will become your friends!





Peter, her skipper, will introduce you to plain sailing. He started at the age of 4 and soon participated in famous regattas with lots of wins. Having proven himself in his industry as an electronic engineer with a master degree in physics, he left the laboratory and set sails. Today his only wish is to share his passion with people who can appreciate sailing, performance yachts and the sea as much as he does. For Peter, money and carreer have been accomplished and now he is eager to see more of the world. He is German yet speaks also fluently English and some French. Peter will sail you only, so you might as well forget fuel costs. Engine will rarely be used! Trust him and the breeze for an unforgettable sailing trip.





Irene, her deckwoman, will make sure you get spoiled. She started as a skipper delivering yachts making her assistance on moorings and long distance sailing irresistible to the skippers she has worked with. She finished the University of Education in Greece and the National College for marine engine and pleasure craft maintenances. She created and managed Ionian Breeze, a well known yacht charter company and worked as a fleet operator and charter broker for over a decade. Her love for life and sailing would take no compromises and offices so she is outhere today embracing a new lifestyle and introducing you to it. She speaks fluently Greek (mother language), English and Italian.  

The "MY WAY" project crew will:

  • Take care of your itinerary and individual needs
  • Be steering the boat at all times
  • Prepare your breakfast and lunch
  • Assist you to book your dinner or other activities if requested
  • Take care of the maintenance of the yacht (engine, sails, electronics) and clean the deck and the interior common areas (galley and kitchen)
  • Make sure at all circumstances that you are safe and you make the best out of your trip
  • Make sure things for cleaning your private rooms is available 

The "MY WAY" project crew will not:

  • Clean your toilets or cabins or do your beds
  • Babysit or take over responsibilities that usually parents should have
  • Tace care of your friends or guests you wish to be visited from onboard